23 Jun 2022, 19:20
Update : 23 Jun 2022, 19:24

Padma Bridge creates new horizon for tourism, housing sectors

SHARIATPUR, June 23, 2022 (BSS) - The much-awaited Padma Bridge, which is set

to be inaugurated on June 25 next, will open up a new horizon for tourism and
housing sectors in Shariatpur apart from growing trade and business here.

Riazul Islam Madbar, a rod-cement trader in Shariatpur sadar upazila, said
the construction works of the concrete structures have already started with
the news of the inauguration of the Padma Bridge.

"As a result of the construction of the Padma Bridge, there is a huge
potential for developing housing sector in affluent people
will prepare to live in Shariatpur," he said.

Riazul said people have started constructing buildings in their native
villages and as a result, sale of building materials is on the rise here.

"If we have started getting full benefit of Padma Bridge," he added.

The traders of Shariatpur were in dire situation due to various problems,
including the global coronavirus crisis, and now all the traders around the
Padma Bridge have got the courage to turn around anew, said general secretary
of the Palang Bazar Bonik Samity of Shariatpur Sadar Abdus Salam Bepari.

"With the expansion of roads and the construction of new concrete
installations, various businesses including rod-cement, tiles, hardware and
wooden furniture have gained momentum," he said.

The Padma Bridge has not only facilitated road communication in Shariatpur,
but also brought pace in economic development, he added.

Member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries
(FBCCI)'s Standing Committee on Tourism and Hospitality Management and
chairman of Aral Sea Limited Nasir Uddin Badal said no tourism-based industry
has developed in Shariatpur yet.

"However, there is a huge potential for tourism and housing business around
the Padma Bridge. The vast char areas of the Padma were once a curse for the
people of the district. Due to the Padma Bridge, the char areas have now
turned into precious land,' he said.

In addition, Badal said, many big companies are looking for land to build
resorts for starting hospitality business here.


AKM Ismail Haque, chairman of Naria Upazila Parishad and president of
Shariatpur Chamber of Commerce Industry, said development work would begin in
Shariatpur within three to four months after the inauguration of the Padma

"Three-star quality hotels and motels will be built centering the tourist
centres," he said.

Besides, Haque said, various small and medium industries, including garments,
will be built in Shariatpur, thanks to the Padma Bridge.

Progress will also be achieved in fisheries, livestock and agriculture
sectors, he said, adding that the range of general business will expand and
investment will increase.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will open the Padma Bridge on June 25, which
will directly connect the southwestern region with the capital Dhaka.

The huge infrastructure project, with the main bridge spanning 6.15 km in
length, is the largest and most challenging in the country's history. The
bridge standing across the Padma River to link the northeastern and
southwestern areas of Bangladesh is also a key part of an anticipated trans-
Asian railway network.



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