21 May 2022, 09:29

Putin says Russia must cut dependence on foreign technology

MOSCOW, May 21, 2022 (BSS/AFP) - President Vladimir Putin on Friday called for "technological sovereignty", saying Russia has been hit by numerous cyberattacks since Moscow sent troops to Ukraine.
  "The number of cyberattacks, including complex ones, has increased many times over" since the start of Moscow's military campaign in Ukraine in February, Putin said during a meeting of Russia's Security Council.
  The attacks are coming from different countries but are "clearly coordinated", Putin added.
  He said in televised remarks that the attacks targeted Russia's "critical information infrastructure" -- including the media, financial institutions and government portal.
  Russia needs to "radically reduce the risks associated with the use of foreign programmes, computer technology and telecommunications equipment", Putin said.
  "In order to strengthen our technological sovereignty, the government needs to create a modern Russian electronic component base in the shortest time possible," he added.

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