05 Dec 2022, 16:29
Update : 05 Dec 2022, 16:41

Dec 1 should be announced as Freedom Fighters Day: Mozammel

By Mahfuza Jasmine

DHAKA, Dec 5, 2022 (BSS) - Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque has said Freedom Fighters Day should be observed on December 1 to honor the contributions of freedom fighters.

He said this in an interview with BSS today.

The matter of observing freedom fighters day is being discussed all over the country in this December, the month of victory.

Several organizations on liberation war including Sector Commanders Forum and Muktijuddho 1971 demanded announcing December 1 as the Freedom Fighters Day. Besides, freedom fighters also demanded for announcing Freedom Fighters Day. In this context, BSS talked to liberation war affairs minister.

"Without any logic, I think Freedom Fighters Day should be on December 1 as freedom fighters are observing it on that day for long," Mozammel said.

Noting that the demand is very logical, he said their recommendations have been presented to the prime minister in meeting.

"We hope she will consider the matter cordially. One day, we will not remain alive but the day will uphold the memories. With observance of the day, the new generation will be able to know why the Liberation War occurred," he said.

Amra Ekattor chairperson Mahbub Zaman said December 1 is being observed unofficially as the Freedom Fighters Day since 2014.

"I think there should be a Freedom Fighters Day or Freedom Fighters Honoring Day. The day will keep alive the memories of Liberation War generation to generation," he observed.

Valiant Freedom Fighter Mrinal Sarker said the demand for a day for freedom fighters is for long.

"I wholeheartedly want that a day whether it is December 1 or any other day of December should be announced as Freedom Fighters Day by the government," he said.

Sarker said freedom fighters are now elderly people. One day no freedom fighter will remain alive but Liberation War should be kept alive, he said.

So, it is very necessary to observe such day to keep alive the memories of freedom fighters, he said.

If a day is announced officially as a freedom fighters day, the day will be observed nationwide, he added.

On October 18 in 2020, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Liberation War Affairs Ministry in a meeting recommended that December 1 should be announced Freedom Fighters Day by the state.

Committee Chairman Md Shajahan Khan chaired the meeting while Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque was also present.

Though there is no specific official Freedom Fighters Day, Amra Ekattor took a fortnight programme to honor the freedom fighters. The organization members will honor the freedom fighters after going to their respective residences. They also motivated the young generation to greet the valiant freedom fighters during the period.

Amra Ekattor chairperson Mahbub Zaman said their target to make a bridge between the new generation and the freedom fighters and let the youths know the memories of the Liberation War from the freedom fighters.



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