04 Jul 2022, 18:48
Update : 04 Jul 2022, 19:26

BNP is main obstacle to democratic values, culture: Quader

DHAKA, July 04, 2022 (BSS) - Terming BNP as the guarantor of autocracy, Awami
League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said the party (BNP) is
the main obstacle in the way of establishing democratic values, culture and
principles in the country.
"The country's democracy has not vanished that it should be restored rather
BNP, the guarantor of autocracy, is the main obstacle to establishing
democratic values, culture and principles in the country," he said.
Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said this in a
statement, condemning and protesting BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul
Islam Alamgir's false, baseless and fabricated remarks.
Since its inception, all activities of the BNP have been revolving against
the country's democratic values, he said, adding BNP not only destroyed the
democracy but it was also established ruining the spirit of the great
Liberation War.
Referring to Mirza Fakhrul's remark which stated 'Democracy must be restored
in the country', Quader said his demand for restoring democracy frightens the
country's people as the bruise of atrocities, carried out by BNP in the name
of bringing back democracy, is still existing in their (people's) minds.
Noting that Mirza Fakhrul is violating the constitution by terming the
present government, which is constitutionally valid and elected by the
people, as illegal, the AL general secretary said AL, manifested with the
spirit of the great Liberation War, is determined to strengthen the
democratic values in the country.
"Apart from achieving independence from autocracy, AL is fighting tirelessly
for establishing rights of voting as well food and the democracy for the
countrymen," he added.

Mentioning that Mirza Fakhrul is making an ill effort to raise a meaningless
voice in the country's politics speaking about 'fake cases', Quader said AL
always walks with the people.

AL wants to be a servant of the people, not a lord, he said, adding the law
enforcement agencies did not lodge any fake case against anyone during the
present government regime.

Since BNP has no relation with the people, they keep trust in the politics of
absenteeism and conspiracy, the AL leader said, adding that BNP has been
identified as an isolated political ill-force due to its anti-people stance
and corruption during its regime.

By defeating the long dictatorship and BNP's ill political activities, he
said, AL has proved that state power is not for show off, but for the
betterment of the country's people and reaching the government services to
the doorsteps of them (people).

"Under the leadership of successful statesman Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh's
democracy has stood on a strong foundation. All activities of the AL
government are conducted considering the public interests through which the
rule of the people and the democratic journey is moving forward," Quader

Noting that no conspiracy of any evil force can hinder this progress of
Bangladesh, he said, "Under the leadership of Bangabandhu's daughter, we will
be able to build a happy, prosperous, developed and welfare state for the
next generation. We will win, In Sha Allah".

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