09 May 2024, 13:52

Boro harvesting going on in full swing in Jamalpur

JAMALPUR, May 9, 2024(BSS) - Farmers in the district have started harvesting
of Boro paddy in full swing this year.

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) sources said farmers already
harvested 25,874 hectares of land till today which is 20 percent of the total
land. The office said this year farmers brought 1,29,370 hectares of land
under Boro cultivation.

Farmers cultivated three varieties of Boro paddy of which- High breed on
51,360 hectares, High Yielding Variety on 77,835 hectares and local on 175

This year Agriculture Department has fixed the production target of Boro rice
5,65,812 tonnes in all the seven upazilas of the district.

The office said farmers got per hectare production 4.9 tonnes rice of High-
breed variety and 3.7 tonnes of HYV which are short duration varieties. They
also got 2.10 tonnes production of local variety in a hectare.

The office said Boro paddy was cultivated on 34,800 hectares of land in
Jamalpur sadar upazila while 18,680 hectares in Sarishabari, 20,150 hectares
in Melandah, 17,280 hectares in Islampur, 8,720 hectares in Dewanganj,
16,310hectares in Madarganj and 13,420 hectares in Bakshiganj.

DAE sources said farmers are being interested to cultivate high breed variety
paddy for increase production. This year farmers brought 560 hectares more
land under high breed paddy of 87 varieties. Besides, farmers also cultivated
32 varieties of High Yielding and 4 local varieties Boro paddy.

Additional Deputy Director, DAE, Mohammad Harun-Or-Rashid said farmers are
expecting good yield of Boro paddy as timely cultivation, availability of
fertilizer, irrigation facility and other agriculture inputs.

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