18 Jun 2024, 13:18

RCC removes waste before early morning 

RAJSHAHI, June 18, 2024 (BSS) - According to its commitment of waste removal as early as possible, Rajshahi City Corporation removed wastes of sacrificial animals before early morning followed by the day of Eid-ul-Azha. 

"We were determined to ensure the safe removal of sacrificial animal waste within this morning in the city but the job has been done much before,'' AHM Khairuzzaman Liton, mayor of RCC, said today. 

All the wastes were kept in 28 secondary transfer stations, after door-to-door collection within 6 pm from where those were transported to the central landfill adjacent to the city hat by midnight. 

He said 1,394 manpowers, including conservancy labourers and workers and others concerned, were engaged to remove the waste. 

Under special arrangement, 15 hydraulic trucks, six tractors with double trolley, two stead rollers, two water tanks and 400 vans were used for removing the wastes side by side with cleaning the slaughtering spots in all 30 Wards of the city. 

Bleaching powder and other disinfectants were sprayed in all the spots presenting a clean and bad-smell free dawn before the city dwellers. 

The city corporation had fixed 210 places for slaughtering sacrificial animals in the Eid-ul-Azha but the city dwellers had done the job in many more places. 

Highlighting the aspects of safe and timely removal and disposal of animal waste, Liton said adequate steps were adopted for motivating the city dwellers in this regard. 

City dwellers were urged to use only the selected places for the purposes in the greater interest of making the metropolis along with its air and water free from pollution and other contamination. 

The mayor, however, thanked the city dwellers for their supplementation towards the city corporation's efforts to remove sacrificial animal waste timely.