18 Sep 2023, 17:59
Update : 19 Sep 2023, 08:48

Govt gives permission to 4 companies for importing 4cr eggs

DHAKA, Sept 18, 2023 (BSS) - The government has given permission for 
importing four crore eggs to four companies in order to keep the price of 
such item under control.

Talking to BSS today, Commerce Ministry Senior Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh 
said each of the four companies have been initially given permission for 
importing one crore pieces of eggs thus totaling the number to four crore 
eggs. These four companies are Meem Enterprise, Prime Energy Importers and 
Suppliers, Tiger Trading and Arnob Trading Limited.

He said these four companies have been asked to import eggs as soon as 
possible. "Since they will have to import eggs through opening up LCs, it may 
take some time for them," he added.

Tapan said it was also not fixed from which country they would have to import 
eggs as the importers would be able to choose the sourcing country. "But, the 
price of imported eggs has been fixed at Taka 12 per piece in line with the 
fresh fixation of egg price. So, the price of imported eggs won't be more 
than Taka 12 per piece," he added.

The Senior Commerce Secretary said four fresh conditions have also been given 
for importing eggs. These are: Eggs should have to be imported from avian 
influenza free or bird-flue free country, avian influenza free or bird-flu 
virus free or harmful bacteria free certificate, given by the concerned 
authority of the government of the exporting country, should have to be 
submitted by the importer while importing each consignment of eggs, no 
prohibited materials could be imported alongside eggs while the importers 
should have to comply with the existing rules and regulations of the 

According to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, there is a demand for 
four crore eggs per day in the country while the import of above mentioned 
quantity of eggs would meet up the demand for eggs of one day in the country.

Tapan, however, said that if necessary, the government would allow import of 
more eggs while decision in this regard would be taken later based on the 
supply and price situation.