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Major Bazlul Huda had killed Sheikh Kamal through brushfire

DHAKA, Aug 4, 2021 (BSS) – Although Father of Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the main target of the August 15 carnage, his eldest son Sheikh Kamal was the first martyr in the barbaric attack in 1975.

When Sheikh Kamal was introduced as Bangabandhu's son, he was killed immediately through brushfire with a stengun by Major (dismissed) Bazlul Huda.

From the testimony of Habildar Quddus Sikder, one of the guards of Bangabandhu's house, it was learnt that Bazlul Huda and captain (dismissed) Noor Chowdhury along with some others entered the house first.

Once they entered the house, they saw Sheikh Kamal and Bazlul Huda shot him with a stengun immediately. Sheikh Kamal fell into the reception room from verandah. The Killers shot him there again and killed him. Mohitul Islam, the residential personal assistant of Bangabandhu Bhaban and the litigant in the murder case, mentioned this in his statement.

Mohitul Islam joined the then Prime Minister's Secretariat on December 13, 1972 as an assistant. In 1975, he was the resident personal assistant cum-receptionist of the then President Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

He was on duty from 8 pm on August 14 to 8 am the next day.

About the August 15 carnage, Mohitul said, "It was about 4:30 am in the morning. All around has turned pale. There were electric lights around the house. The firing started at Bangabandhu's residence. The firing was stopped a few moments later. Housekeeper Abdul alias Selim brought Punjabi and eyeglasses for Bangabandhu from above, Bangabandhu came to verandah wearing those Punjabi and eyeglasses and went upstairs saying, ‘Army sentry, police sentry, what are you doing as too much firing was there?’ and then he went to upstairs. Sheikh Kamal came down from the up and said ‘army and police brothers, come with me. Then three to four uniformed army personnel came. Bazlul Huda, wearing uniforms, shot on the leg of Sheikh Kamal. When Sheikh Kamal was introduced as Sheikh Mujib's son, he was killed through brushfire.”

A brief account of this is also found in the Mohiuddin Ahmed's book titled “House No. 32 – March 25 to August 15”.

In the book, it is mentioned that Huda talked to one Baten about the details of Bangabandhu killing. Baten was a member of the Jasad-backed Chhatra League central committee. At that time, he lived in Mohsin Hall of Dhaka University. After the August 15 carnage, Bazlul Huda came to his sister's house and took Baten out. Baten spent a night at his sister's house. Huda along with Baten took dinner at an army canteen near Ganabhaban. Huda talked to Baten there about the Mujib killing.

According to the Huda’s statement, he carried out attack on the Dhanmondi house of Sheikh Mujib under leadership of Major Noor. Hearing firing sound, Sheikh Kamal went out of home and Huda killed him immediately.

After the attack on his house, Bangabandhu talked to the then Army Chief General Shafiullah through telephone.  The similar evidence of Sheikh Kamal’s killing is also found from their telephonic conversation.

In separate interviews with a national daily in 1987 and 1993, Shafiullah said after the attack on his house, Bangabandhu called him, asking him to send a force as soon as possible.

Bangabandhu said: ‘Shafiullah, your force attacks my house. Kamal might be killed. Send your force quickly.’

Expatriate writer and researcher Golam Murshid has given a detailed account of this in his book titled “Liberation War and Then”.

After the assassination of Sheikh Kamal, Mohiuddin and his allies entered the house and started looking for Sheikh Mujib. At last, he was seen on the front verandah. Mujib was standing calmly with a pipe in his hand.

Seeing Bangabandhu, Mohiuddin got feared and he could not shoot Bangabandhu. He just said “Sir, come with us”. When he started down holding Bangabandhu from the stairs, Bangabandhu shouted, "Where are you taking me?"

At that time, asking Mohiuddin to stay aside Huda and Noor shot Bangabandhu with stenguns.

At about 5:40 am in the morning, Bangabandhu fell down on the stairs, holding the pipe in his right hand. The killers shot him in the right side of his chest and the abdomen. And the glory-sun of Bengal set down at the time when the sun was about to rise.

After the assassination of Bangabandhu, the killing mission was not over yet. After Mohiuddin, Huda and Noor went out of the house, Aziz Pasha and Muslem Uddin came with lancer and artillery troops. Pasha went to the second floor with his companions. Subedar Wahab Joardar was already there. They took Sheikh Russell, Sheikh Naser and one of the servants of the house down. Pasha and Muslim Uddin shot Begum Mujib, Sheikh Jamal and the wives of Kamal and Jamal in the bedroom with stenguns.

Later, when Sheikh Russell was crying to go to his mother, Pasha asked a habildar to take Russell to his mother. And the habildar sent Russel to his mother on second floor and shot him dead.

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