02 Dec 2021, 17:31

Speakers stress need for mass media policy

     DHAKA, Dec 2, 2021 (BSS) - Speakers at a roundtable here today 
emphasized on formulating mass media policy in the country to protect the 
journalists and resolve different crises faced by them.

     "Mass media is still the last resort of hope for the people as it is the 
mirror of society. We can see the shadow of the nation and country in the 
media. But the people, who work for this shadow, how are they doing? They 
have to work by facing challenges of changing situations every day," they 

     The speakers came up with the observations at a roundtable titled "Mass 
Media in Changing Situation: Role and Crisis" organized jointly by and Jagoron TV. Presided over by Editor Bani Yasmin 
Hasi, the discussion was conducted by Jagoron TV Editor in Chief FM Shahin.

     Awami League Joint-General Secretary Mahbubul-Alam Hanif, MP, at the 
function said Bangladesh media is enjoying maximum freedom ever.

     "The discussants at talk shows and other programs are criticizing the 
government as much as they want without any kind of sensor. Government never 
intervenes in freedom of expression, never raises any obstacle," he said.

     Indicating many crises being faced by the journalists and the media 
workers, the Awami League leader said we need a policy for our mass media, so 
that we can address these.

     Senior journalist and Gtv Editor in Chief Syed Ishtiaque Reza in his 
keynote speech said the media plays a major role in protecting people's 
rights in democratic society.

     "People want to know, want to be a part of the decision making process 
in the society and that's where the media plays its role. Mass media 
contributes in creating a contact between people, policy makers and 
parliament. Media reflects the socio-economic status of the country," he 

     Ajker Potrika Editor Golam Rahman in his speech said in this time of 
information technology, it is being used to reach the readers and audience, 
while on the other side; people are using this to spread rumors too.

     DBC News Editor Pranab Saha said the country's journalists are working 
amid changing situations daily to serve their audience. Our crises would not 
stop; we have to move forward facing these challenges, he added.

     Online news portal Dhaka Post Editor Mohiuddin Sarker called for 
initiatives to end monopoly businesses of Facebook and YouTube to take the 
country's digital platform forward.

     "Bangladesh is now a big market for advertisements on Facebook and 
YouTube. But it is very sad that we have to receive the lowest advertisement 
rate when we publish those. Local ads are being published on Facebook and 
YouTube," he said.

     Editor of Bani Yasmin Hasi reiterated the fact that 
journalism is a thankless job, adding, there are crises here, these are part 
and parcel of this sector and we have to turn these into possibilities.

     Awami Jubo Mohila League vice-president Advocate Kuheli Quddus Mukti, 
Mahmud Salauddin Chowdhury, Habibur Rahman Romel and Nazmul Haque Siddique 
were present at the program, among others.

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