17 Oct 2021, 17:14
Update : 17 Oct 2021, 19:36

Russia reports record daily virus cases again


  MOSCOW, Oct 17, 2021 (BSS/AFP) - Russia on Sunday reported a new record for 
coronavirus infections for a fourth day in a row, a day after the worst-
affected country in Europe set a new death toll high.

   There were 34,303 new infections and 997 deaths registered in the country 
over 24 hours, according to the official toll. On Saturday, Russia recorded 
1,002 deaths -- the first time daily deaths hit the one thousand mark -- and 
33,208 new infections.

   The climbing Covid-19 statistics come as the nation's vaccination drive is 
at a standstill and with few restrictions in place.

   The Kremlin, which says authorities have to ensure "the economy continues 
working", has avoided re-introducing major measures despite calling the 
vaccination rate unacceptably low.

   It also insists Russia's medical system is not overwhelmed and could take 
in the rising number of patients.

   Authorities have blamed Russians for the growing outbreak.

   Health Minister Mikhail Murashko this week pointed to their "behaviour", 
while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said everything had been done to give 
the public the chance to "save their lives by getting vaccinated". 

   While several Russian-developed jabs have been available for months, many 
people remain vaccine-sceptic.

   Independent polls show more than half of Russians do not plan to get a 

   According to official figures, Russia's fatalities from Covid now stand at 
223,312 -- the highest toll in Europe.

   Under a broader definition of deaths linked to the virus, the Rosstat 
statistics agency has said that by the end of August more than 400,000 people 
in Russia had died with the coronavirus. 

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