09 Jul 2024, 11:10

Russia defence ministry says destroyed 38 Ukrainian drones

MOSCOW, July 9, 2024 (BSS/AFP) - Russian forces destroyed 38 Ukrainian drones overnight in regions near the border, Moscow's defence ministry said Tuesday.

"Air defence systems on duty destroyed and intercepted three UAVs over Belgorod region, seven UAVs over Kursk region, two UAVs over Voronezh region, 21 UAVs over Rostov region and five UAVs over Astrakhan region," the ministry said in a Telegram post.

Astrakhan governor Igor Babushkin said Ukraine had launched a "massive attempt to attack targets with drones" in the north of the region, adding that the attack had been "successfully repelled".

Both sides have used drones, including larger self-detonating craft with ranges stretching hundreds of kilometres, extensively throughout the conflict, which began in February 2022.

Ukraine has stepped up its attacks on Russian territory this year, targeting both energy sites that it says fuel Russia's military, as well as towns and villages just across the border.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a major new land offensive on Ukraine's northeastern Kharkiv region in May, in an operation to create a buffer zone and push Ukrainian forces back to protect Russia's border Belgorod region from shelling.


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