22 Jun 2024, 18:31
Update : 22 Jun 2024, 19:41

PM entertained with Kolkata Biryani at lunch 

NEW DELHI, Jun 22, 2024 (BSS) - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was entertained with Kolkata Biryani, fragrant basmati rice and vegetables cooked and flavoured in Kolkata style, and other local food items at the banquet luncheon hosted by her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House here.

The other local items included Dahi Puchka (Indian street food delicacy-crispy puffed balls stuffed with curd and street food condiments, served with sweet and tangy flavoured water); Matar aur Bajre ka Shorba (an exotic green peas and pearl millet broth flavoured with mint, topped with almond foam); Chhanar Pathuri (Bengali delicacy made with cottage cheese steamed and wrapped in banana leaf with coconut, green mangoes, chilli and mustard paste, served on a bed of steamed rice); and Subz Keema & Thyme Singara (crumbled potatoes, feta, cauliflower, peanut & thyme stuffed in "Samosa" pastry).

The dishes also included Amaranth Kofta Gulbadan (amaranth vegetable dumpling simmered in Indian kofta curry); Panchmel ni Sabzi (seasonal vegetables with cumin, onion and tomato slivers, a Gujarati delicacy); Doi Paneer (marinated cottage cheese steaks cooked with tangy curd and Indian spices); Shukto (Bengali mix vegetable curry); and Bengali Masoor Dal (Bengali lentil delicacy).

The other items were assorted Indian breads; Paan Rasmalai Coulis (poached cottage cheese dumpling infused with betel leaves and gulkand, served with saffron cream); Gud Jalebi aur Aam Kulfi (crispy pretzels soaked in jaggery syrup and mango flavoured homemade Indian ice cream served with sweetened vermicelli and tukmalanga seeds); Carved Fruits of the Season; and Roasted Coffee / Masala Chai / Qehwa.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister arrived here on Friday on a two-day state visit to India at the invitation of her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi who hosted the lunch in her honour today.

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