22 Jun 2024, 17:39

Sen urges all not to be panicked over Russell's viper

DHAKA, June 22, 2024 (BSS) - Health Minister Dr Samanta Lal Sen today urged all not to be panicked over the venomous Russell's viper snakes.

He joined a virtual meeting with civil surgeons, family planning officers, divisional directors, medical college hospital directors, and other health department officials across the country.

In the meeting, the health minister discussed snakebite incidents and the Russell's viper sightings reported in several regions.

Dr Sen said, "The most important task is take snakebite victims to a doctor at the quickest time . . . timely medical intervention can fully cure snakebite victims through proper treatment."

He asked authorities of all public hospitals for keeping adequate stock of anti-venom for Russell's viper bites.

Sen laid emphasis on launching a mass awareness campaign about doings of snake biting for saving lives of the people.

Secretary of Health Service Division Md Jahangir Alam and director of Directorate General of Health Services Prof Dr Rubed Amin, among others, were present at meeting.


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