20 Jun 2024, 21:12

Donors reiterate commitment to solve Rohingya crisis

DHAKA, June 20, 2024 (BSS) – Donors from the international community including the USA, UK, Japan, Australia and European Union today reiterated their commitment on their ongoing efforts in finding a durable solution of the Rohingya crisis.   

“We will continue to pursue regional coordination and collective efforts towards sustainable solutions for Rohingya refugees, partnering with the Government of Bangladesh,” they said in a joint media release marking the world refugee day.

Donor countries said they remain committed to ensure a better and more dignified life for the Rohingyas while they remain in Bangladesh.

They also expressed deeply concerned by the worsening situation in Rakhine State and the cross-border implications.

“Today we reiterate the importance of protecting all civilians,” they said.

However, they observed that the escalating conflict and deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Myanmar mean that this is unlikely in the near future.

“This is important to overcome cycles of poverty and marginalization for future generations. The hope remains that safe, voluntary, dignified and sustainable repatriation will be possible for Rohingya refugees in the long-term,” they said.

At the Global Refugee Forum in December 2023, donor countries made a collective pledge to share global responsibility and enhance partnerships to address the complexities of forced displacement.

“On World Refugee Day Donors Call for Renewed Impetus to Resolve Rohingya Crisis Today, on World Refugee Day, we stand in solidarity with the more than 120 million people, that is 1 in 69, worldwide who are forcibly displaced due to conflict, violence, and persecution,” they said in the joint statement.  

”Among these individuals are over 1 million Rohingyas, who fled from their homes in Myanmar and sought refuge in Bangladesh,” the statement read.  

The donor countries appreciated Bangladesh government for continuing to host the Rohingyas in their time of need.

“We also continue to honour the incredible resilience and strength of spirit of the Rohingya people in adversity,” they said.

The donor countries said that all of them continue to make dedicated efforts to provide essential services for Rohingya refugees, and Bangladesh's host communities.

“We continue to advocate for global attention for this protracted crisis, amid emerging new crises and growing global humanitarian need,” donors said.

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