12 Jun 2024, 20:57
Update : 12 Jun 2024, 21:03

19-member Bangladeshi youth delegation visit China for exchange programme

DHAKA, June 12, 2024 (BSS) - A 19-member Bangladeshi youth delegation team consisting of academicians, researchers and journalists participated in a ten-day view- exchange programme in China aimed at improving the friendship between China and Bangladesh as well as facilitating the mutual understanding and collaboration in different sectors between the two countries.

During the 10-day visit, the Bangladeshi youth scholars visited China's three major cities-Yunnan, Shanghai and Beijing and took part in exchange programmes with Yunnan University, East China Normal University, Tongji University, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, and the Information office of Shanghai Municipality.

The youth leaders also visited some major, cultural and historical places in China including Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China, China Science and Technology Museum, China Soong Ching Science and Culture center for Young people, Shanghai City planning exhibition centre and 798 Art Zone and 751D Park in Beijing.

The nineteen-member delegation team consists of 13 university teachers from different disciplines, three researchers and think tanks from different national organizations and three journalists from different media outlets.

With a view to improving the friendship between China and Bangladesh as well as facilitating mutual understanding between the two countries, the Centre for China Studies (CCS) with the collaboration of Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS) arranged this exchange programme from June 2 to June 11.

Before the exchange programme, the Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Yao Wen met the Bangladeshi delegation at the Chinese embassy and encouraged them to make the exchange fruitful to enhance mutual exchange and cultural cooperation between the people of the two countries.

"The exchange programme created a great opportunity for us to have a very deep learning on how to make plans for universities, plans for building eco-friendly cities and hold the cultural values and preserve the history," said Prof Dr Md Mizanur Rahman, lead of the Youth delegation also Professor of Dhaka University's Microbiology department.

"We can adopt China's experiences in making sustainable plans for universities, building eco-friendly and well planned cities, making the best use of technology and AI in preserving the history and culture", Mizan said, adding, "We saw how they become successful adopting sustainable plans in the universities instead of making some kind of experimental plans".

Instead of buying products from China directly, Bangladeshi Companies can produce high tech products jointly with the Chinese companies as there is a huge and cheap labor market in Bangladesh, said Mizan.

"I think there are huge opportunities for the two countries to exchange skilled human resources and quality research, and share experiences in building a peaceful and prosperous world", Mizan added.


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