25 Sep 2021, 20:04
Update : 25 Sep 2021, 20:11

Year wise plan adopted for renewable energy policy target: Nasrul

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DHAKA, Sept 25, 2021 (BSS) - State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid today said the government adopted a year-based plan to achieve targets of the renewable energy policy. 

“Activities are being carried out in accordance with the Roadmap-2030 for evaluation of renewable energy resources and power generation from renewable sources,” he told this in a video message at the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy yesterday. 

The state minister said the draft roadmap for solar power-2041 is being reviewed, adding, “More than 20 million rural off-grid people across the country were brought under solar home system.”

“In the context of Bangladesh, solar power is more likely than other renewable energy sources. But it takes more land so innovative solutions are needed for solar power. Although we are moving towards rooftop solar and floating solar technology,” he said. 

Nasrul said net metering system has been introduced to popularize rooftop solar power. “There are opportunities to do more with wind power. Wind mapping was done at nine sites and research will be conducted about offshore winds soon,” he added. 

“We want to increase the share of power generation from renewable sources to 40% of our production mix by 2050. Therefore, the power master plan is being updated,” the state minister said.

He said LNG and nuclear power were being introduced to generate base load electricity as well as power import is also being priority.

“Bangladesh is importing 1160 MW of electricity from India. It wants to import electricity from clean energy sources such as hydro power from Nepal and Bhutan and solar power from India,” Nasrul added.

The high-level UN dialogue has promised more than $400 billion in new fund and investment in public and private sectors. The new commitments will significantly improve installation capacity and energy efficiency of renewable energy-create millions of new green jobs, he said.


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