27 May 2024, 16:25

Ashrayan houses bring smile on faces of homeless people

DHAKA, May 27, 2024 (BSS) - After losing house caused by erosion of the Kangsha river, Sahera Banu Sarkar had been living in temporary shelters for nearly two decades. But she had a dream to be the owner of a house that she could not fulfill. At last the governments come forward to accomplish her dream by providing her a brick-built house that apparently brought joy and happiness to her and her family.
Speaking from the house provided by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government, Sahera Banu, a sixty-year-old resident of Charpara village under Raipur union of Barhatta upazila in Netrokona district, shared her story.
Following the sudden death of her husband in 1999, Sahera, left with two daughters to care for, struggled to make ends meet by doing odd jobs in the village.
Despite the challenges, she managed to marry off her daughters with the help of locals. In 2021, she was blessed with a fully furnished house under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Ashrayan-2 project, bringing immense happiness to her life.
Sahera expressed her gratitude, amazed by the unexpected turn of events, "I never imagined I would have a brick-built house of my own in this lifetime. Thanks to Allah's mercy, Sheikh Hasina provided us with a home."
Visiting Sahera's residence showcased her contentment as she now lives comfortably with her daughter and granddaughter in a house equipped with two rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a front balcony, complete with sewerage and electricity. Her granddaughter, Azmina, is happily attending school.
"I have a home now. Moreover, I receive the full widow's allowance on my mobile phone. I pray for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's well-being," Sahera expressed gratefully.
Sahera is not the only one benefitting from this initiative. Samela Rani, the wife of the late Shuklal Ravidas, and four other victims of river erosion in Charpara village have also received government-provided houses, marking a significant improvement in their lives.
Local resident Golam Mustafa praised the government's efforts, stating, "This initiative is truly commendable. Those who once lived in others' homes are now dreaming of a brighter future in their new government-provided houses."
Chairman Atiqur Rahman Raju of No. 7 Raipur Union informed, "We have allocated around 30 houses in various villages within the union."
The district administration distributed semi-brick-built houses and land to 925 vulnerable families across ten upazilas, including Haor areas in Netrokona district.
These houses and land deeds were distributed as part of a project costing Taka 1.90 lakh each, initiated by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during the birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
Deputy Commissioner Md. Shahed Parvez mentioned efforts to build houses with land in some areas and construct homes for those in need.
Moreover, the district is focusing on poverty alleviation through housing support and livelihood opportunities for marginalized communities. The distribution of houses prioritizes vulnerable groups like the physically challenged, widows and individuals in need.
In villages like Barhatta, Atpara, Khaliajuri, Purbadhala and Mohanganj, residents of government-provided homes engage in various occupations such as rickshaw driving, household work, small-scale trading, fishing, goat and poultry farming and vegetable cultivation, showcasing a newfound sense of stability and self-reliance.
Bilkis Begum from Baragaon village, residing in one of the government shelters, expressed gratitude, "As poor people, we never thought we would have our own kitchen. I thank Allah for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina."
Kajli Begum, a resident of the Ashrayan project in Narayandohar village, shared her joy, "We were once homeless, but now we have a place to call our own. I am truly happy."
Highlighting the government's commitment to ensuring every citizen has a home, the DC emphasized the various welfare initiatives aimed at uplifting rural marginalized communities.


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