23 May 2024, 19:19
Update : 23 May 2024, 19:33

Survey says most waterway workers suffer from skin and intestinal diseases

DHAKA, May 23, 2024 (BSS)- Continuous use of saline and untreated water posed serious health hazard to shipping workers of inland waterways as most of the workers suffer from various skin diseases and intestinal problems.

“80 percent of the workers employed in the inland waterways are suffering from skin infections and various types of complex intestinal diseases and stomach pains,” according to a survey of the Bangladesh Shipping and Communication Reporters Forum (SCRF).

SCRF revealed the summary of the report today suggesting mandatory installation of water treatment plant in all types of public and private vessels.

According to SCRF, the report had been prepared based on a year-long survey and research on over 100 workers of 10 kinds of vessels and concerned physicians.

These vessels include- passenger launches, cargo ships, excavators, dredgers, dumb barges and houseboats.

The report said in addition to high prevalence of salinity, most of the rivers in Bangladesh coastal areas are suffering from severe pollution around the year.

 River waters are the main source for the shipping workers for their everyday use as vessels are not equipped with water treatment system.

Low-paid workers are not in a position to have their water purifying gadget on their own while no public or private organization provide them with the free clean water system.

Doctors said, long-term use of saline and polluted water is leading to many skin diseases including skin cancer.

 A variety of complex intestinal disorders is also occurring, including liver cirrhosis, bacillary dysentery, dysentery, stomach ulcers and regular diarrhea among the workers.

To solve this crisis, SCRF recommended making it mandatory to install water system plants in all types of public and private water vessels.



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