22 May 2024, 21:47

Radwan Mujib thanks all for wishing on his birthday

DHAKA, MAY 22, 2024 (BSS) - Radwan Mujib Siddiq, who edits country's first in-depth and insightful policy magazine, on facebook expressed gratitude to all on a humorous note in response to pouring of warm wishes on social media marking his birthday with tribute for his initiatives to empowering youths.

"Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes everyone", wrote Radwan a gesture of acknowledgement for those extended wishes to him.

Then Radwan, who is credited with empowering youth through country's largest youth platform Young Bangla, cracked a witty analogy.

"Thoughts of ageing helped me temporarily forget that Jurgen Kloop left Liverpool", reads the post that contains a sketch.

A trustee of Center for Research and Information (CRI), Radwan's initiatives have been attributed to some of country's biggest efforts for youths that plays a critical role in empowering the young change-makers.

Called as mentors by country's brightest super achievers for initiatives like Young Bangla, the largest youth platform, Radwan, also a grandson of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, also works to bring history closer to youths but in a creative manner.
After the gruesome assassination of country's founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975, military rulers wiped out the heroic struggle of Mujib whose speech now even earned recognition from UNESCO.

Determined to reintroduce Bangabandhu to the youth, Radwan initiated the creation of the graphic novel series "Mujib". This 10-part series, based on Bangabandhu's unfinished autobiography, has captivated children, adolescents, and young adults alike, making the country's history accessible through engaging storytelling.

Radwan, who graduated in Governance and History from the London School of Economics and Political Science, also did his Masters in Comparative Politics from the same institution. He was born on this day in 1980 to Bangabandhu's youngest daughter, Sheikh Rehana and renowned academic Shafique Ahmed Siddiq.

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