20 May 2024, 18:50
Update : 20 May 2024, 19:40

KU implementes TK 335cr development projects in three years

KHULNA, May 20, 2024 (BSS)-The Khulna University (KU) witnessed a massive development activities accelerating need-based infrastructural development projects worth about Taka 335 Crore during last three years.
During the time, after taking charge as the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Mahmud Hossain made a remarkable change by completing all the development projects, according to Md Moinul Hossain, Director (acting), Mass Communication and Public Relations of Khulna University.

The main projects are to ensure international quality modern-based higher education and to create research opportunities to make the KU an international standard university.

Keeping pace with the curriculum of other universities both home and abroad, Khulna University updated the curriculum of all disciplines.
Khulna University (KU) has strengthened its joint research activities with other international universities and research institutes globally.
Besides, KU has expanded the field of research at international, national and local levels by strengthening its research related multi-faceted problems like climate change adaptation in Khulna.
In line with the initiatives and programmes of the government to make Bangladesh smart and Digital, the first step is to introduce an e-filing (D-document) system in all fields at Khulna University. As a result, Khulna University was listed at the top level in the international ranking, QS ranking and Times Higher Education ranking.
Besides, with the overall cooperation of the teachers-students and officers-employees, Khulna University got fourth place by getting 95.47 out of 100 marks in UGC's APA evaluation last year.
During the global pandemic of Corona, the Vice-Chancellor took various initiatives including making smart digital online education programmes.
In the last three years, 39 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed with various universities, institutions, and organizations in the country and abroad.
The research allocation cost has been increased from Taka one Crore 35 lakh to Taka 5.5 Crore from the financial year 2018-19 to the current financial year 2023-24.
A total of 1,266 research articles have been published in the last year. The Research Cell has been converted into a Research and Innovation Center to accelerate research work.
A total of 85 training and workshops have been conducted by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) during last three years to improve the skills of teachers, students and officers-staff of the university.
Giving thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mahmud Hossain said, after taking charge, I presented the future plans of the 4-year tenure in a view exchange meeting.
Thanking the present government, the Education Minister, UGC, all the teachers, students, and official staff of Khulna University for their cooperation in the development, Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mahmud Hossain said, all the plans were executed successfully for their extra efforts during the last three years. 
Registrar (Acting) Professor Khan Golam Quddus said, the massive development of Khulna University (KU) is now visible.
More than 200 up-to-date training have been arranged through the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to enhance the skills of the support staff of the university, he said, adding that Khulna University is now in a unique position among the universities of the country.
An initiative to preserve the evidence for future generations KU made the ‘torture cell’ of the Pakistani invaders and genocide during the Liberation War-the 'Gallamari Genocide Memorial Museum.'
Besides, a total of 2500 trees were planted last year with a view to contribute to the climate of the southern part of Bangladesh.

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