18 May 2024, 20:37

Liberation War Affairs minister visits Maizbhandar Darbar

   CHATTOGRAM, May 18, 2024 (BSS) - Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mojammel Hoque has visited the Islamic spiritual hub of Maizbhandar Darbar on the outskirts of the port city when he offered prayers and paid tributes to the Sufi saints at their shrines here.

   According to a Darbar press release, Hoque visited the hub coinciding with the Friday weekend, offered his Jumma prayers and thereafter he visited the shrines of the Sufi saints of Maizbhandar order.

   Incumbent leader of the Darbar Dr Sayed Saifuddin Ahmed Al Hasani Maizbhandari received and accompanied him during the visit of the centuries-old spiritual hub, which promotes inter-faith harmony and social coherence in line with the universal spirit of Sufism.

   During a brief discussion, Hoque recalled Maizbhandar Darbar’s contributions to the 1971 Liberation War when it sheltered as well thousands of people and provided them food and other facilities.

   “Maizbhandar Darbar holds the spirit of the Liberation War, non-communalism, equity and humanity,” he said.

   The minister said Bangladesh is a role model of communal harmony and “undoubtedly, Sufis have a strong influence behind this achievement”. 

   He specially remembered the contribution of Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari in preaching the message of Islam and Sufism worldwide. 

   Saifuddin Ahmed said since 19th century Maizbhandar Darbar continued to work for peace and harmony and people irrespective of religion, caste and ethnic identity spontaneously visit here for their spiritual comfort and peace.

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