20 Apr 2024, 09:59

US House passes procedural vote on Ukraine aid bill

WASHINGTON, April 20, 2024 (BSS/TASS) - The bills on military aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, on the seizure of the frozen Russian sovereign assets in order to give them to Kiev, and on additional sanctions against China have passed a procedural vote in the US House of Representatives.
  The procedural vote was preceded by a short debate on these bills, which, in fact, are put together into one package. House Speaker, Republican Mike Johnson put forward a proposal to formalize this form of additional funding of the military needs of Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan from the US federal budget. On April 17, he presented the bills from the package, which showed that the aid to Kiev would be in the form of a loan. US President Joe Biden, Democrat, who had initially opposed that his administration's request for military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan would be in three bills, later supported Johnson's initiative.
  It cannot be ruled out that the House of Representatives may pass this package as early as Saturday. Next, it will be submitted to the Senate, where most seats, unlike the House of Representatives, are held by Democrats. The Democrats in the upper house of Congress have already signaled their willingness to ensure swift approval of the package. It will then be signed into law by Biden.

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