02 Mar 2024, 10:52

Ukraine loses up to 410 troops in Donetsk area - Russian Defense Ministry

MOSCOW, March 2, 2024 (BSS/TASS) - Units of Russia's Battlegroup South have improved their frontline position in the Donetsk area, making the enemy lose up to 410 troops, Battlegroup Spokesman Vadim Astafyev gold TASS.

"Units of Battlegroup South, backed by aircraft and artillery forces, have improved their frontline position, hitting the troops and equipment of the 24th Mechanized Brigade and the Third and 92nd assault brigades [of the Ukrainian armed forces] near Novoye, Bogdanovka, Andreyevka and Kurdyumovka. Up to 410 enemy troops were either killed or wounded. Anti-tank guided missile systems and loitering munitions hit two armored combat vehicles and 12 motor vehicles," he specified.

The spokesman added that two 152 mm Msta-B howitzers and a 152 mm Gvozdika howitzer had been destroyed by counterbattery fire.


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