20 Feb 2024, 19:17

President for proper practice, preservation of Bangla language, culture

DHAKA, Feb 20, 2024 (BSS) - President Mohammed Shahabuddin today emphasized the need for proper practice and preservation of the Bangla language and culture, saying that the spirit of Amar Ekushey is the incessant source of inspiration for protecting the own languages and culture of the people of different languages across the world.
"Nowadays, the spirit of Amar Ekushey is the incessant source of inspiration for the people of the world in protecting their languages and cultures. But we have to be more diligent in proper practice and preservation of Bengali language and culture," he said in a message on the eve of 'Shaheed Day' and 'International Mother Language Day 2024.
"With the blessings of information technology, we are now the inhabitants of a global village," he said, adding that therefore, to maintain the pace of advancement in the developed world, the present generation has to be skilled in different languages which are recognized as international communication media.
Observance of the International Mother Language Day will play a positive role in the development and preservation of the country's own language as well as in building a sustainable future through multilingual education - this is the expectation, the head of the state said.
Embracing the spirit of Amar Ekushey, he said mutual respect should be awakened among the people of different languages and cultures of the world.
He urged all to build a colorful and developed world without discrimination.
"Today is 21 February, The great 'Shaheed Day (Martyrs Day)' and 'International Mother's Language Day'. On this memorable day, I recall Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiur and many unsung heroes of the language movement with deep homage who laid down their lives to establish the right of mother tongue Bangla," he said.
On the occasion of International Mother Language Day 2024, he extended his sincere greetings and congratulations to the people of various languages of the world, including Bangla and other ethnic groups.
"The great Language Movement is an unforgettable event in our national history. Today, I remember with profound respect, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who led Sarbodolio Rashtrobhasa Sangram Parishad (All Party State Language Action Committee), formed in 1948. He was imprisoned for leading the Action Committee," he said.
He recalled all the language activists, including the then Member of Gonoparishad (Constituent Assembly) Dhirendranath Dutta, whose farsightedness, boundless sacrifice, courage, organizational skills and instantaneous decision resulted in the final outcome of the language movement on February 21, 1952 and consequently, Bangalees achieved their right of mother tongue.
In 1947, on the basis of the Two Nation Theory, the British-ruled India was divided into two countries- India and Pakistan, he said.
With thousands of kilometers apart, East and West Pakistan had completely different languages and cultures, he added.
"Therefore, when Urdu was declared as the only state language of Pakistan, the Bangalee Nation took to the streets to protect the status of their mother tongue 'Bangla'. Basically, the Language Movement was the movement to establish the right of our mother tongue as well as to protect our ethnicity, self-entity and cultural distinction," the president continued.
"The imperishable spirit of Amar Ekushey (Immortal Shaheed Day) gave us endless inspiration and immense courage in achieving our rights to self-determination; the struggle for freedom and in the War of Liberation," he said.
"With the bloodshed passages of Language Movement of February, we achieved the recognition of Bangla as our mother tongue and consequently, we attained our long-cherished Independence in 1971 under the charismatic leadership of the greatest Bangalee of all time Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman," said Shahabuddin.
He further said that February 21 has now been recognized by the United Nations as the 'International Mother Language Day' because of the spontaneous willingness and sincere endeavour of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina along with the primary efforts of some Bangladeshi expatriates in 1999.
"As a nation, it is one of the great achievements for us. It is a unique celebration in protecting mother tongue as well as our own culture and heritage," he said.
He urged all to uphold the glory and right of the Bangla language earned at the cost of the sacrifices and the blood of martyrs.


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