13 Feb 2024, 16:04

Two daughters to live with Japanese mother, one with Bangladeshi father

DHAKA, Feb 13, 2024 (BSS) - The High Court today seemingly brought the prolonged legal battle between Japanese citizen Eriko Nakano and her former husband Bangladesh-born US citizen Imran Sharif regarding custody of their three daughters' to an end, as it said the first and third daughters will live with their mother, while the second daughter with their father.
The High Court division bench of Justice Mamnoon Rahman came up with the judgment, declaring absolute in part a rule issued in this regard earlier.
According to today's judgment, first daughter Makano Jasmine Malika and younger daughter Makano Sania Hena will live with their mother Eriko in Bangladesh or any other country of their choice. But children's father Imran Sharif can visit them.
Similarly, second daughter Makano Laila Lina will live with her father Imran, and her mother can visit her anytime.
Earlier in January 29, 2023, a family court here gave custody of Makano Jasmine Malika and Makano Laila Lina to their mother and Japanese citizen Eriko Nakano, making their father Imran Sharif to challenge the verdict.
Dhaka District and Sessions Judge Court on July 16, 2023, rejected Sharif's appeal and upheld the judgment of the family court. Imran Sharif later filed a civil revision case with the High Court.
Eriko Nakano married Bangladesh-born US citizen Imran Sharif in 2008 in Japan. They became parents of three children after that. On January 18, 2021, Imran filed a divorce petition with Japanese court. Imran after that took two of their daughters with him and came to Bangladesh.
Eriko too came to Bangladesh and filed petition after petition with the apex court for the custody of the two children.
The High Court on August 31, 2021, had ordered Imran Sharif and Nakano Eriko to live at a Gulshan flat together for 15 days with their two daughters. The court had asked the Department of Social Services to look over the matter and the Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police is being asked to ensure the safety of this family.
The court finally came up with its order as the estranged couple failed to reach a consensus on where and with whom their two daughters Makano Jasmine Malika and Makano Laila Lina will live, in spite of repeated instructions from the court.
The Supreme Court however, on February 13, 2022, said, until the disposal of the case by Dhaka family court, the two children will remain in the custody of their mother, while their father can meet them in the house.



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