12 Feb 2024, 20:01

Govt working to strengthen information and financial security, Palak tells JS

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SANGSAD BHABAN, Feb 12, 2024 (BSS) - State Minister for Post,

Telecommunication and Information Technology Zunaid Ahemd Palak today said
the government is working to strengthen digital security aiming to
maintaining safeguard in protecting information and financial data.

"We are trying to maintain safeguard of our digital system along with
enforcing strict law, maintaining coordination with Japan, USA and South
Korea and keeping linkage with leading multinational companies", said the
state minister.

The state minister said this while replying to a supplementary query raised
by independent candidate Syed Saidul Huq MP of Hobiganj-4 during the
question-answer session held at the Jatiya Sangsad here.

In context of country's huge GDP size which is US$450 billion along with
stable financial growth, per capita reached to US$2800 and huge transaction
in digital platform and that's why our digital safety is very much necessary,
Palak told the parliament.

As part of our digital security, Palak said the country need to include
digital literacy in the education curriculum as the curriculum would help to
create awareness among the future generation from their childhood.

Citing the reserve scam of US$ 81 million from the central Bank in 2016, the
state minister said stealing of this huge money has enabled the government to
enact a new cyber security act and other security measures.

After materializing the digital system, the country has become heavily
digitalized with launching over 52,000 websites, 2,500 services converted to
digitalized, around 150,000 paperless files are being managed in 13,000
offices through electronic filing system and the country is ultimately
proceeding to a cashless financial system.




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