11 Feb 2024, 20:54

Thousands join prayers marking Sufi Saint's birth anniversary at Maizbhandar

 FATIKCHHARI, Chattogram, Feb 11, 2024 (BSS) - A two-day special prayers
seeking divine blessing for global peace and serenity in individuals life
were wrapped up overnight marking 87th birth anniversary of great Sufi saint
Syed Moinuddin Ahmed at the Islamic spiritual hub of Maizbhandar.

 "He (Syed Moinuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari) had dedicated his entire life for
preaching humanism," incumbent leader of the Darbar Syed Saifuddin Ahmed told
the rally ahead of the concluding prayers.

 The final prayers sought divine blessings for the distressed humanity,
serenity and happiness in the life of individuals alongside country's
welfare, global harmony and unity of Muslim ummah particularly against the
backdrop of Gaza genocide.

 According to a press release of the spiritual hub on the outskirts of the
port city, the two-day event was marked as well by recitation and discussion
of the Holy Quran, milad mahfils, spiritual songs, "zikrs" and deliberations
on liberal Sufi ideals and life and works of Syed Moinuddin Ahmed

 Saifuddin Ahmed said throughout his life Syed Moinuddin devoted himself in
attaining the qualities of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and encouraged
others to do so while disseminating the divine messages of universal love and

 He urged the people to uphold interfaith harmony and follow the teachings of
the Prophet (PBUH) and the great sufi saints like Syed Moinuddin for peace
and success in their worldly and eternal life.

 Witnesses said the devotees thronged at Maizbhandar Darbar jamming buses,
trains and cars from different parts of the country to join the event to
remember the great saint, fondly referred to as Baba Moinuddin by followers
and admirers.

 A descendent of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the saint passed away on
August 17 in 2011 while earned the image as one of the greatest Muslim saints
in contemporary world by advocating interfaith harmony in different global
forums including the United Nations.

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