07 Dec 2023, 20:57

China recognized as Bangladesh's most trustworthy development partner: envoy 

DHAKA, Dec 7, 2023 (BSS) - Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Yao Wen today 
said Beijing and Dhaka have further enhanced mutual strategic trust, enlarged 
economic and trade cooperation, promoted personnel and cultural exchanges, 
and deepened collaboration at international and multilateral arenas. 

"China is increasingly recognized as the most trustworthy development partner 
of Bangladesh," he said according to a press release issued by Chinese 
embassy here. 

The ambassador was delivered a keynote speech upon invitation at a seminar in 
the capital themed China-Bangladesh Relations: Identification of Future 
Research Agenda co-organized by Shanghai Institutes for International Studies 
(SIIS) of China, Center for China Studies (CCS) of Bangladesh, and 
Development Studies Center (DSC) of Bangladesh.

The envoy said the joint efforts and guidance of Chinese President Xi Jinping 
and Bangladesh premier Sheikh Hasina on Beijing-Dhaka tie are welcomed across 
the two countries. 

"It is highly aspired that the China-Bangladesh relations would expand to 
wider ranges and be uplifted to higher levels," he said. 

Noting that China-Bangladesh relations faces historic opportunities, the 
ambassador encouraged the academia of China and Bangladesh to forge the CCS 
into an academic hub for scholars from the two countries, initiate joint 
studies on bilateral relations, and suggest solutions to regional hotspots.

SIIS President Prof Chen Dongxiao, vice president Prof Li Kaisheng, Chairman 
of academic advisor council Vice President of China Institute of 
International Studies Professor Rong Ying, Coordinator of DSC, Professor. 
Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir, former Bangladesh foreign secretary Md Touhid 
Hossain, former Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN Offices and 
other International Organizations in Geneva Shameem Ahsan also addressed the 

Speakers highly lauded China-Bangladesh Strategic Partnership of Cooperation, 
in particular the significant achievement made in the auspices of Belt and 
Road cooperation. 

Under the current international circumstances, they said, Bangladesh and 
China should further enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation and 
collaboration, so as to promote development of the two countries, maintain 
regional peace and stability, and safeguard the common interest of developing 

Through intensive and extensive interactions, the academia would make its 
unique contribution to the exchanges between the two peoples and to the 
betterment of China-Bangladesh relations.