03 Dec 2023, 21:32

Month-long TV show on ‘Smart Bangladesh’ begins tomorrow

DHAKA, Dec 3, 2023 (BSS) - A television programme titled 'Mission 2041: I am the solution' set to begin tomorrow spotlighting challenges and opportunities across diverse sectors in transforming the 'Digital Bangladesh' into the 'Smart Bangladesh'. 

Made by Human Development Media (HD Media) of a2i in eight episodes, the show will be broadcast on BTV, Sangsad Bangladesh Television, Channel i, Ekattor TV and Deepto TV throughout the month of December, said an a2i press release. 

Apart from TV channels, the programme also will be aired on various OTT platforms like Chorki, Toffee, Bongo, iScreen, DeeptoPlay, Cinematic and Dreamstream, along with social media platforms of the a2i.

a2i Policy Advisor Anir Chowdhury moderated the eight-episode TV show while each episode is 35-minute long. 

The titles of the episodes are 'Smart Education', agriculture, health, economy, village, city, government, environment and entertainment. 

Each episode will showcase the remarkable success stories of 'Digital Bangladesh' as well as timely and exemplary innovations in building an innovative Bangladesh. The show will feature industry experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers and stakeholders in interactive sessions where they will share their stories of possibilities, obstacles in their way of progress and suggestions to fulfill their dreams. 

The show 'Mission 2041: I am the solution' aimed at providing citizens from all walks of life with an overall idea of the country's future in education, health, government, agriculture and food, cities and villages, employment and skills, media and the economic system. 

Through this show, citizens will learn how to establish intellectual property as an essential part of national development plans and strategies through new innovations and how to have a balanced and development-oriented intellectual infrastructure in the country.

The show used motion graphics, text animation and high-resolution 2D animation to depict the future of Bangladesh. It will help citizens learn about the responsibilities, behaviors and overall development of a citizen in future.

The show will showcase the outstanding achievements and positive aspects of the current government in realizing the vision of 'Smart Bangladesh: Vision 2041'.