27 Sep 2023, 12:16
Update : 27 Sep 2023, 19:02

Russia urges UN to react to Ukraine's numerous human right abuses

GENEVA, Sept 27, 2023 (BSS/TASS) - The Russian delegation participating in the 54th session of the UN Human Rights Council called upon relevant bodies of the United Nations to react to the Kiev government's numerous abuses of human rights and freedoms.

"We call upon the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, his office and relevant special procedures of the UN Human Rights Council to respond to lawlessness and abuse on the part of the Kiev authorities," a member of the Russian delegation, Ilya Barmin, said.

He drew attention to Ukraine's "laws on total Ukrainization, which affected education, science, culture, mass media, radio and television."

"Persecution of all forms of dissent is becoming more and more severe. Neo-Nazi groups operate freely all over the country. Radicals are dealing with the undesirables openly and with impunity," he said, mentioning the Kiev government's persecution of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, its clerics and parishioners.

The practice of forced disappearances and arbitrary arrest is widespread in the country, Barmin continued. The use of torture and violence against detainees by the country's law-enforcement and security officers is "systemic."

"It is absolutely unacceptable that, against this backdrop, the Baltic countries and the collective West in general are encouraging the neo-Nazism in Ukraine, while Waffen-SS veterans, war criminals and collaborationists are greeted by national parliaments," the member of the Russian delegation said.

The 54th session of the Human Rights Council is taking place in Geneva between September 11 and October 13. Although ussia is not a member of the council, it actively participates in its sessions.


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