23 Mar 2023, 15:45

Shakib Khan sues producer Rahmat Ullah alleging defamation, extortion

DHAKA, March 23, 2023 (BSS) - Bangladeshi film Actor Shakib Khan has filed a 
defamation and extortion case against Rahmat Ullah, a producer in profession 
this morning.

Following a hearing, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Judge Arafatul Rakib 
issued a warrant against Rahmat Ullah and ordered him to be present before 
the court on April 26.

Later, Shakib went to Dhaka Cyber Tribunal for filing a case under the 
Digital Security Act. However, Judge AM Zulfikar Hayat asked him to file the 
case on Monday as the case filing hour was officially over today.

According to the case, Rahmat Ullah, claiming to be a producer of the Shakib 
Khan-starring movie "Operation Agnipath," recently alleged him of being 
unprofessional and irregular during shooting of the movie abroad. 

Other severe and defamatory allegations were made against the superstar with 
an intention to extort money by harming his fame, the case documents added. 

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