03 Feb 2023, 20:37

Dipu Moni for smart politics to build ‘Smart Bangladesh’

CHANDPUR, Feb 3, 2023 (BSS) - Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni today stressed the need for introducing smart politics aiming to build ‘Smart Bangladesh’.

"Technology is being used even in remote areas of the country. Our transportation and electricity systems have witnessed a marked progress. Electricity reaches every house in the country, while every person has mobile phone," he told journalists at Chandpur Circuit House here.

"We have really started the journey towards Smart Bangladesh. However, I do believe politics must be smart in the journey of Smart Bangladesh," Dipu Moni said.

In smart politics, she said, every political party should give priority first to the interest of the country, while falsehood, propaganda, misleading people and burning people can never be a part of smart politics in smart Bangladesh.

Dipu Moni, also a joint general secretary of ruling Awami League, said there will be no discrimination between people on the basis of fundamentalism, communalism, religion, and no one will go hungry in Smart Bangladesh.

Smart politics will not allow anyone to build a mountain of wealth, she added.

Urging students to build themselves with knowledge and skills, the education minister said if they do so, they will be able to transform themselves into smart citizens.

Textbooks were supposed to reach all educational institutions within January 25 this year, she said: "There was no reason for not getting textbooks. If those are not reached yet, I will look into the matter".

Dipu Moni also urged all concerned to begin classes downloading textbooks from website if those did not reach school levels.

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