28 Jan 2023, 18:30

3 in 4 women in Philippines use smartphones: survey

MANILA, Jan 28, 2023 (BSS/XINHUA) - Three in four women in the Philippines use smartphones, according to a 2022 government survey released this week.

Results of the Women and ICT (Information Communications Technology) Development Index (WIDI) survey showed that 84.9 percent of the women respondents in households used smartphones in 2022. Basic cell phones followed smartphones at 33.4 percent and portable computers at 20 percent.

It also showed that the smartphone was the most common ICT device used by women in the household, both in urban and rural areas.

In terms of usage, smartphone was the most commonly used ICT device among women, with three in every four using the device, followed by basic cellphone (16.0 percent) and portable computer (14.8 percent). On the contrary, the least used ICT device is gaming console, with less than one percent of women using the device.

By employment status, employed women had a higher percentage of ICT use than those unemployed. The use of desktop computer was higher by 13.9 percentage points among employed women. Similarly, the use of portable computer and smartphone was higher by 12.0 percentage points and 11.9 percentage points, respectively, among employed women.

The WIDI survey covered approximately 44,000 households and 63,000 women and girls aged 15 and older. Focusing on the skills and potential of women and girls in the ICT field, it was conducted to gather baseline data among women and girls aged 15 or older regarding access, use, and skills in the ICT at the national and regional levels.

The government will use the data to craft appropriate evidence-based policies and programs to help women and girls use the ICT.

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