26 Jan 2023, 10:15

Infrastructure development infuses dynamism into rural livelihoods

RAJSHAHI, Jan 26, 2023 (BSS) - Infrastructural development has infused
dynamism into the living and livelihood conditions of rural people in the
region, including its vast Barind tract, during the last ten to twelve years.

The rural level improved infrastructures are contributing a lot towards
socio-economic development through reducing transport cost, improving
marketing system, increasing production and marketing facilities of
agricultural products.

K.M Zulfeker Ali said they have constructed 8,710-kilometer concrete roads in
all eight districts under Rajshahi division during the last five years, while
works of 670-kilometer more are progressing fast at present.

Ali, Additional Chief Engineer of Local Government Engineering Department
(LGED), also said apart from bringing 966-kilometer roads under maintenance,
bridges and culverts with length of 27.01-kilometer have been constructed.

"We have constructed 10,457 classrooms in 2,246 government primary schools,
including 305 with ramps, while works on 98 other schools are progressing,"
he added.

Engineer Zulfeker Ali told BSS that five upazila complexes were built and
works of 22 others are advancing. Besides, 122 union land offices have been
constructed and works on 27 others are on the final stage.

In addition to completion of construction works of ten ones, implementation
works of 34 rural markets and growth centres are going on at present.

Roadside tree plantation on both sides of the improved roads was done
successfully that will ultimately help reduce carbon emission at a
substantial level and that is very important to face the adverse impact of
climate change in the vast Barind tract.

"I'm one of the direct beneficiaries of the improved infrastructures as these
are helping me to earn extra money from farming outputs," said Rafiqul Islam,
a grassroots farmer of Idolpur village under Godagari upazila.

He said many of the farmers are seen cultivating vegetables and fruits
commercially and becoming financially solvent after the best uses of the
improved infrastructures all as the modern technologies.

Islam expressed gratitude to the government, particularly Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina, for uplifting the rural roads for welfare of the public in

Engineer Zulfeker Ali said they are also implementing a Taka 2,080.40-crore
project in the division. Construction works of 1,696.66-kilometer rural roads
together with 1.538-kilometer bridges and culverts are going on in full-swing
under the five-year project.

Besides, construction of 172.9 kilometers of upazila roads with 140-meter
bridges, 367.76 kilometers of Union roads with 636-meter bridges and 1,156
kilometers of village roads, including 762-meter bridges, are going on.

It has also provision of constructing 46 growth centres, 250-meter school
connecting roads, 396.83-meter culverts and 33.28-kilometer RCC roads.

Deputy Commissioner Abdul Jalil told BSS that 1,586 concrete roads and 300
culverts were constructed in 1,914 villages during the last five years on
behalf of the Local Governance Support Project.

Besides, 4,500 tube-wells and 170 submersible pumps were installed for
ensuring safe drinking water.

He also said transparency and accountability in implementation of the
grassroots level uplift project were ensured amid participation of local

Grassroots people have been availing scopes of improving their living and
livelihood conditions as a result of implementing various demand-driven
programmes by local government institutions.

Professor Pronab Kumar Pandey of the Department of Public Administration at
Rajshahi University opined that the physical infrastructures are contributing
enormously to raising standard of living and livelihood conditions besides
boosting the level of confidence of the villagers.

Improvement of rural communication networks, including roads, bridges,
culverts and other Infrastructure, is very important to attain the cherished
goal of strengthening the farm and non-farm economy.

Upgrading the life standard of rural people through providing easier and
quicker access to basic service delivery centers like schools, hospitals and
village markets has also become visible.

Jahangir Alam, Chairman of Godagari Upazila Parishad, said the present
government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given importance to the
elevation of rural road network.

Many of the physical bottlenecks in terms of improving rural accessibility
coupled with enhancing the sustainability of rural transport and market
services have been removed to a greater extent.

As a whole, the improved transportation network is playing a vital role
towards reducing the transportation cost and creating marketing facilities
for the produce.

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