19 Jun 2024, 16:04
Update : 19 Jun 2024, 16:52

Reckless driving, motorcycles, easy bikes are major causes of accidents: Quader

DHAKA, June 19, 2024 (BSS)- Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said reckless driving, motorcycles and easy bikes are causing the highest number of road accidents across the country.

“It is very unfortunate that currently the road accidents are taking place more. Of those, motorbike accidents have become more frequent. According to data of accidents, motorbikes are responsible for the highest number of accidents, followed by easy bikes,” he said.

The minister told reporters after exchanging Eid greetings at his ministry's conference room at secretariat here.

Quader said reckless driving also plays a pivotal role. “We can't ignore this. The concerned secretary has been asked to formulate a policy," he said.

He said that the lack of regulation for millions of three-wheelers and motorcycles is disrupting order on the roads, highlighting the urgent need for a policy.

Quader also noted that while the Eid journey on the  roads were relatively smooth,  but the return trips remain a concern. "The return journeys often receive less attention, which can lead to accidents. Therefore, we must focus on ensuring the safety of the return journeys as well."

Criticizing a comment of BNP on Rohingya issue, the minister said no direct attacks on Bangladesh have been observed.

He said Myanmar is facing internal conflicts involving several ethnic groups and that the recent incidents are likely caused by rebel groups, not the Myanmar government.

He said Awami League government has believed in discussion. “These incidents are caused by their rebels. Why should we blame the Myanmar government for this? As long as possible, we will continue discussions,” he continued.

 “The opposition uses language to label government decisions as submissive. But how is it submissive? The bullet that reached St. Martin's was fired by the Arakan Army rebels, not the Myanmar government,” minister added.

Quader emphasized Bangladesh's commitment to resolving conflicts through dialogue rather than war. The ship mentioned has been removed. If Myanmar provokes, we will engage in dialogue and find a solution, but we will not engage in war."

He said efforts are ongoing and Bangladesh will continue to seek resolution through discussions, avoiding war. “Myanmar has some internal crises. They have 54 ethnic groups. There are conflicts among them. We are trying to solve it through discussions and will continue to do so avoiding war,” he added.

Replying to a query, Quader said about Taka five crore has been realized as toll in a day from Padma Bridges while Taka four crore has been realized from Bangabandhu Bridge.