01 Jun 2023, 18:28

Gold import duty doubled, carrying limit reduced under baggage rules 

DHAKA, June 1, 2023 (BSS) - The government has proposed doubling the amount 
of duty tax for the passengers to import gold bars or gold pieces while 
reducing the limit of carrying gold under baggage rules. 

Presently under Baggage Rules, there is a provision to import gold bars or 
gold pieces by passenger on arrival from abroad subject to payment of a total 
duty of Taka 2,000 for every 11.664 grams of gold. 

In the budget for the next financial year 2023- 24, the amount of this duty 
tax has been made to pay a total of Taka 4,000 for every 11.664 grams of 

According to sub-rule (10) of Rule 3 of the Passenger (Non-Travel) Baggage 
(Import) Rules, 2016, a passenger is allowed to import gold bars or gold 
pieces weighing 234 grams on arrival from abroad subject to payment of all 
duties and taxes. 

The said benefit can be reduced to a certain extent and provision can be made 
to import gold bars or gold pieces weighing 117 grams subject to payment of 
all duties and taxes. 

For this purpose, necessary amendments have been brought to the existing 
baggage rules.

The government also proposed adding the provision of punishment for carrying 
gold bars or gold pieces or silver bars or silver pieces in excess of the 
prescribed amount to the existing rules. 

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