01 Jun 2023, 17:14

Over 1,49,00,000 Bangladeshis working in 176 countries

DHAKA, June 1, 2023 (BSS) - Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in his budget speech in parliament today said currently more than 1,49,00,000 Bangladeshi workers are working in 176 countries of the world.

"Since our government took office, foreign employments of a total of 81,47,642 workers have been earned in professional, skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled categories in the past twelve years," he said.

In particular, the minister said, as a result of expansion and decentralisation of training and selection and orientation activities for women workers at the district level, around 10,00,000 women workers have got employment opportunities abroad in the same period.

Noting that remittance sent by expatriate workers is considered as one of the driving forces of the country's economy, Kamal said, "Even during the Covid period, we got a significant amount of remittance, which played an important role in maintaining our macroeconomic stability at that time".

Since the government continued search for new labour markets, he said, it has already been possible to send Bangladeshi workers to countries like Poland, Seychelles, Albania, Romania, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Bosnia Herzegovina and Cambodia outside the main destinations.


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