23 Oct 2021, 09:42

Vietnam to open Phu Quoc island to vaccinated tourists in November

  HANOI, Oct 23, 2021 (BSS/AFP) - Vietnam plans to reopen the resort island

of Phu Quoc to vaccinated foreign visitors in late November, authorities
said, as the country looks to reboot its tourism industry after almost two
years of closure.

  Phu Quoc, which lies around 10 kilometres (six miles) off Cambodia in the
Gulf of Thailand, boasts white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well
as mountains and thick jungle.

  It attracted around 670,000 visitors and earned more than $18 billion
dollars from international arrivals in 2019, with authorities hoping to turn
it into a tourist mecca in the style of Thailand's Phuket or Indonesia's

  From November 20, "charter flights" for international travellers with
vaccine passports will be welcomed to the island, the government said late

  After that, between late December and the end of March, the island aims to
receive up to 5,000 foreign arrivals on similar charter flights.

  Tourists will need to show vaccine certificates together with a negative
Covid-19 test result before being allowed in.

  According to authorities, they should come from places with "a high safety
record on Covid-19 prevention, like some parts of Europe, the Middle East,
North East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and Australia".

  A previous plan to open Phu Quoc to international visitors in October was
abandoned due to low vaccination rates among residents.

  But the Southeast Asian country is desperate to revive its economy after
months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  Its borders have been shut to international visitors since early last year
and there are almost no commercial flights entering the country.

  According to state media, authorities also want to open popular
destinations such as UNESCO world heritage site Ha Long Bay and the ancient
town of Hoi An to foreign travellers in November, but no clear plan has been

  Vietnam has reported more than 880,000 Covid cases and around 21,500
deaths. Fewer than 20 percent of its 100 million people have been fully

  The announcement comes after Thailand said vaccinated travellers from more
than 40 countries will be allowed to enter the kingdom without undergoing
quarantine come November 1.


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