06 May 2024, 17:28

Zelensky's authority dwindling as term clock ticks down: Russian intel agency 

MOSCOW, May 6 (TASS/BSS) - Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is beginning 
to lose the fight for "the hearts and minds" of Ukrainians, and he will lose 
his legitimacy once his term in office expires on May 20, Russia's Foreign 
Intelligence (SVR) said in a statement.

"[Ukrainian President] Vladimir Zelensky is clearly starting to lose the 
fight for 'the hearts and minds' of Ukrainians, the more so because his 
legitimacy as president will end after his five-year term in office expires 
on May 20," the statement reads.

The SVR pointed out that the US does not care "who heads Ukraine." "The most 
important thing for that person is to be able to continue the armed conflict 
with Russia. 'War to the last Ukrainian' must not stop," the SVR went on to 

The intel agency added that Western countries "are very much worried about 
any changes in public sentiment in Ukraine." "The US Department of State and 
the European External Action Service point out that Ukrainian citizens are 
getting increasingly frustrated with the endless conflict with Russia. They 
are also losing trust in government institutions, and apathy is rapidly 
engulfing the nation," the SVR stressed, adding: "The Ukrainian armed forces 
are reporting increasing cases of defection and voluntary surrender."

However, according to the SVR, the US and European countries "would like 
Zelensky to remain in his position because he is a crucial figure in war 
financing schemes that are bringing huge profits both to the Kiev regime's 
officials and Western arms producers." "That said, Washington and its allies 
are trying to persuade Zelensky's opponents in Ukraine to exercise restraint 
for the time being," the SVR concluded.

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