26 Mar 2023, 23:23
Update : 26 Mar 2023, 23:25

EU threatens new sanctions on Minsk if Belarus hosts Russian nukes

 BRUSSELS, March  26, 2023 (BSS/AFP) - The EU's foreign policy chief Josep 
Borrell said on Sunday that Brussels was ready to impose new sanctions on 
Belarus if Minsk were to host Russian nuclear weapons.

 "Belarus hosting Russian nuclear weapons would mean an irresponsible 
escalation and threat to European security. Belarus can still stop it, it is 
their choice. The EU stands ready to respond with further sanctions," he 
 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Saturday his country would 
station tactical nuclear arms in Belarus.

 Putin said the deployment was similar to moves from the United States, 
which stores such weapons in bases across Belgium, Germany, Italy, the 
Netherlands and Turkey, an analogy western allies called "misleading".

 With fears of a nuclear war rising since the invasion, experts believe that 
any Russian strike would likely involve small-size battlefield weapons, called 
"tactical" as opposed to "strategic" high-powered long-range nuclear weapons. 

 The Ukrainian foreign ministry accused Russia of breaching its obligations, 
and of undermining the "nuclear disarmament architecture and the international 
security system in general".

 It called on "all members of the international community to convey to the 
criminal Putin regime the categorical unacceptability of its latest nuclear 

In the interview broadcast Saturday, Putin said the move to deploy tactical 
nuclear weapons to Belarus was "nothing unusual".


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