21 May 2024, 17:09

Meditation needed to ensure stress-free life

RAJSHAHI, May 21, 2024 (BSS) - Generating public awareness about the aspects of meditation is very significant as it is a great way to take time out from a busy life.
The breathing exercises conducted while meditating can reduce blood pressure and lower stress levels, calming the mind and giving the body time to recover from periods of prolonged stress.
Health and meditation experts made the observation while conducting meditation sessions intensively at Lalon Shah Open Stage here today to mark the world meditation day-2024.
Local unit of quantum foundation arranged the sessions to create public awareness on the issue.
Large number of people, including students, irrespective of age and gender joined the sessions.
Among others, Prof Mostofa Kamal and Prof Shahidul Alam from Rajshahi University, Prof Monzurul Haque from Barind Medical College, Associate Professor Masudul Haque Sidduqi from Rajshahi College and Saidul Islam from Technical Training Centre conducted the sessions.
This year, the day was observed with the main theme "Boosting mood and well-being". The theme serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care of our mental and emotional health through the practice of meditation.
Prof Mostofa Kamal said regular meditation practice can be the best way of leading a stress-free public life as it inspires people with new strength and motivation.
Across the world, anxiety remains one of the leading mental health conditions. Although in severe cases doctors may prescribe medication to help people with their anxiety, they often tend to try a more holistic approach first.
Prof Kamal, who has been engaged in meditation for long, said meditation is one of the most common holistic ways to treat the symptoms of anxiety, helping individuals to slow their heart rate, control harmful thoughts and prevent anxiety episodes.
Prof Manzurul Haque said regular meditation practice is very important for mental happiness coupled with generating self-confidence and courage in human beings.
It can also bring joy and peace in body and mind and its practice is very much significant to keep the body disease-free and workable.
He also said meditation plays an important role towards maintaining connection between body and mind.

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