17 May 2024, 19:28

Safe food consumption imperative to ensure sound public health

RAJSHAHI, May 17, 2024 (BSS)-Utmost importance should be given on generating
mass-awareness about consumption of safe food as it can be the best way of
freeing the public health from all sorts of risks.
All concerned and other stakeholders who are involved in producing,
manufacturing, processing, marketing and supplying of food should come
forward and work together with utmost sincerity and honesty to reach safe
food to the consumers in general.
The observation came at a training workshop by academics and experts who
unequivocally called for concerted efforts of all concerned to ensure food
The District office of the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) and the
Department of Tourism and Hospitality in Rajshahi University (RU) jointly
hosted the workshop at RU's Deans'

Around 50 persons, including hall provosts, chef, assistant chef and other
supporting staff in dining halls of 17 RU dormitories, were present at the
RU Pro-vice-chancellors Prof Sultan Ul Islam and Prof Humayun Kabir addressed
the workshop as guests of honour, while BFSA Secretary Akhter Mamun was in
the chair.

RU Treasurer Prof Obayedur Rahman Pramanik, Chairman of the Department of
Tourism and Hospitality Prof Mazedul Islam and BFSA Officer Chinmoy Pramanik
also spoke.

Prof Sultan Ul Islam said the country has almost attained food security amid
the competent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at present and this
is the high time of ensuring food safety to build sound public health
everywhere in the society.
He said the fight against food adulteration has intensified after the
government established BFSA in 2015 stressing the need for creating mass
awareness among all levels of people to check food waste and adulteration.
Highlighting the success of the present government towards attaining food
surplus he underscored the need for creating mass awareness to fight against
the food waste and adulteration malpractices.

Prof Sultan Ul Islam urged the participants to serve improved and hygienic
food to the students as they are the future of the nation and called for
performing duties with utmost sincerity and honesty.
In his remarks, Prof Humayun Kabir mentioned that adulterated and
contaminated foods always pose a serious threat to the public health and
called for taking punitive measures against the food adulteration and
contamination so that no more dare to commit such types of crimes.

The existing acts and the law enforcers alone would never be able to salvage
the situation unless people from all walks of life became adequately aware
about the harms of taking adulterated foods and took firm stand against such
immoral mindset.
 'We need the people to come forward to stop these harmful practices,' he
said, adding that concerted efforts of all the government and non-government
organizations concerned have become indispensable for protecting agriculture,
livestock and fisheries from all sorts of pollution and contamination to
ensure food safety.
Besides, utmost emphasis should be given on freeing the markets and other
outlets from all sorts of unhygienic and unsafe foods because those are
injurious to public health.

 Time has come to bring all the street food selling shops and hotels under
close monitoring and vigilance to prevent them from selling unhygienic and
contaminated foods on an urgent basis, he added.

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