12 Apr 2024, 16:15
Update : 12 Apr 2024, 20:46

Bishu festival of Tanchanya people begins in Bandarban

BANDARBAN, April 12, 2024 (BSS) – Bishu festival of indigenous Tanchanya people began in the hilly district today. 

The festival which welcomes their New Year will continue for the next three days. During this time, they will pray that the New Year will bring blessings in everyone's lives by removing all the sorrows and sufferings of the old year.

The festival is known by different names in different communities -- Biju, Bihu, Bishu, Baisu, Sangrai, Sanglan and Chakran.

Biju festival of Chakma people also began in the hilly district this morning.

 Indigenous people wearing traditional clothes started the celebration by offering flowers in the River Sangu in Rowangchhari area early morning.  

The festival includes Gangya Puja, organising various types of food, sport and cultural programme too.


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