30 Mar 2023, 13:34

Rural woman in Narsingdi playing important role in alleviating poverty

NARSINGDI, March 30, 2023 (BSS) - Women in the rural areas of Narsingdi district have been playing an important role in alleviating poverty and attaining self-reliance to change rural economy through income generating actives during the last couple of years.
As a result of relentless efforts in combating poverty, socio economic condition of the rural women who lived in utter miseries even few years back has changed significantly along with their empowerment in the families and society as a whole.

According to available statistics in the government and NGO offices, number of child labourers and floating street children has been reduced to the minimum due to the silent revolution being taking place in the rural economy in recent years.

Hundreds of rural women have already achieved self-reliance with own initiatives and also getting assistances from different organisations, which are extending supports, trainings and inputs side by side with creating marketing facilities for their products.

Most of them have achieved successes through sewing handloom garments, animal husbandry, rearing cows, goats and poultry birds, homestead gardening ,farming fruits, spices, fish and agri-activities.

Many of them have also achieved self-reliance through farming early variety vegetables and setting up cottage and smaller industries, participatory social afforestation, microcredit activities.

District Relief and rehabilitation officer Narsingdi said the rural women have also achieved huge benefits from the government's social safety net and poverty alleviation programmes and job opportunities during the lean periods.

After achieving economic self-reliance many distressed women are now hoping to contribute their maximum in building a poverty and hunger-free Bangladesh by making Vision 2022 successful, she added.

While talking to BSS correspondent, successful women Rahima Begum, Shafily, Nazma Begum, Jahanara Akater Madobi Rani and Indu Bala said it become possible only after attaining economic self-reliance through their hard endeavor.

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