09 Jul 2024, 18:48

Bkash offers chance to win exciting bonus by sending remittance thru ‘Taptap Send’

DHAKA, July 9, 2024 (BSS)-Receiving highest amount of remittances directly to bKash account through ‘Taptap Send’, an international Money Transfer Organisation (MTO), three remittance receivers each per month can get bonus of Taka 1 lakh.

Besides, top 10 highest remittance receivers each can get a bonus of Taka 5,000 every week. The joint campaign, launched on July 08 to continue till September 30, 2024, aims to encourage inward remittances further through legal banking channels, said a press release.

Expatriates from 15 countries including USA, UK, Italy, France, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Portugal, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and Austria can send remittances through Taptap send to their relative’s bKash account without any additional cost.

To avail the bonus offer, expatriates need to send remittances amounting Taka 10,000 or more at least twice to the bKash account of their loved ones.

A remittance recipient can win Taka one lakh bonus once during the campaign period receiving highest amount. Besides, recipients can win a Taka 5,000 bonus once a week, and maximum thrice throughout the three-month campaign.

Eligible customers for both weekly and monthly campaign will get the bonus within 3 to 4 working days following completion of the campaign.

Meanwhile, relatives of the expatriates will instantly get Taka 25 per thousand as government incentives over the remittance amount they receive in bKash accounts through Taptap Send. Expatriates can also enjoy the best exchange rates at Taptap Send while sending remittances.

Due to such benefits, sending remittances directly to bKash account through Taptap Send has quickly gained trust and confidence of expatriates and their relatives.

The remittance service of bKash has been getting popular and gaining trust among the senders and receivers as they can instantly transact the hard-earned money in a secure, convenient, legitimate and simple way.

At present, expatriates can directly send remittances to their loved ones’ bKash account legally through best international MTOs from over hundred countries around the world that get settled at top commercial banks in the country.



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