12 Feb 2024, 16:41
Update : 12 Feb 2024, 16:44

Ginger farming in sacks getting popularity to farmers in Gaibandha

GAIBANDHA, FEB 12, 2024 (BSS)-Ginger farming in sacks is getting popularity to the agriculture entrepreneurs of all seven upazilas of the district in recent years.

Additional Deputy Director (Horticulture) of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) Rostam Ali said ginger is an important spice which is used as an ingredient to cook curry as it enhances the taste and nutrition value of it.

With the increasing population in the country, the demand of ginger has also increased a lot, he a said.

As there is no need fresh or arable land to farm the variety, only fallow,  abandoned and cool places located under the trees or shadow are needed to farm the variety, That is why, the ginger farming in sacks is increasing gradually in the district, he added.

The poor people, who have no arable land, are being motivated to farm the variety to help them earn profit and meet its demand in the days to come, he further added.

To end this, field level sub assistant agriculture officers of the DAE are working tirelessly, he commented.  

In response, ginger farming in sack is being popularized to the entrepreneurs of the district, he continued to say.

In reply to a query, he said over 20,000 agri entrepreneurs of the district have been motivated and they took decision to cultivate ginger this year using the method.
The number of entrepreneurs has increased more this year than the previous year, he mentioned.  

Matiul Alam, Sadullapur Upazila Agriculture Officer said as the demand of ginger and its price has increased more, they are motivating the farmers to farm the variety to meet its demand and help the farmers to earn profit in a bid to change their lots economically.
To help the farmers, the variety using the unused fallow and abandoned places lying surrounding the houses, they are motivating the farmers so that they can cultivate ginger in the sacks.

If any farmer farms the variety in a sack, he or she can get desired production of the variety ranging from one KG to 1. 5 KGs from the sacks each and the production cost in per sack is only 35 Taka, he added.

Talking to the BSS, Deputy Director of the DAE Khorshed Alam Sarker said all agri officers have been working in the field level are advised to motivate the farmers to cultivate ginger in sacks in the coming days.

Necessary measures have been taken to provide training on ginger farming in sacks at the initiative of the DAE to make the farming fruitful, he concluded.



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