‘Willpower made Sharmin self-reliant’


DHAKA, June 1, 2021 (BSS) – Sharmin was yet to sit for the SSC examinations. Just then she had to get married at that very young age. Subsequently she was blessed with two children and had a dream to become happy in life. Unfortunately, her family was not happy at the end as long-cherished hope grew fainter when nine-year’s conjugal life finished by forced divorce.

An inhabitant of Daudkandi upazila of Comilla, Sharmin, however, did not lose her hope. She has re-emerged in the battle of life with her two children in her lap. At the end of nine years of family life, she alone took the responsibility for her family.

A fashion and butik house named , Semzer, has shown her the way to a prosperous and self-reliant life. “When the marriage-relation broke up, I fell into a deep crisis with my two children . . . From then, I started moving with the dream of living anew. Alhamdulillah, now I am pretty well,” Sharmin continued in an emotion chocked voice . . . “I got married 2009 while a student of class nine. A SSC examinee for 2010, Sharmin finally passed SSC in 2014.”

Sharmin said when she came to her father’s house with her two sons, “I saw only darkness in my eyes. In this situation I could not dream any more. But at one stage I decided to build my life”.

Despite the family reluctance to consider the social context, she first started working with a beauty salon in Cumilla. My ex-husband has created many obstacles in doing my business. I had to stop within two months of starting my first project. Because of them When I couldn’t do anything offline, the idea came to work online. I started working online secretly from home,” Sharmin mentioned. Then I started an online page called ‘Beauty Zone by Sharmin Makeove’, she said.

From there I started working on products as well as providing various types of beauty services. Then Started another page called Semzer .

We sell different types of fashion clothes through this page. Sharmin claims that she is doing well in business now, though earlier she had to face many difficulties at the very outset. The products, I work with, are sold within a few days of the new shipment arriving, she said.

“I myself make the design of the clothes and responsible for everything from collection of fashion clothes to the packaging and delivery of them to the courier agency,” said the entrepreneur, claiming her dress design as’unique’.

As different from others, customers like to get their clothes from me. In the beginning the task was not easy at all, She said and had to work in all the possible places where these products are available, including Islampur and Chawkbazar in the capital.

This promising woman entrepreneur said, my dream is to create a position of my own in Dhaka, to create an identity. When I am in Dhaka, my heart cries for my children. But if I can reach the desired position, I will bring them to me.

Sharmin said work was underway to set up an outlet in the capita’s Banasree, and at least three outlets were to be set up. Not only me, I want to do something for other women like me.

According to the Women and E-Commerce Forum, an online platform for women e-commerce entrepreneurs, the number of entrepreneurs are working on domestic products on the online platform has exceeded 641,000. This number is constantly increasing.

Nasima Akter Nisha, founding president of Women and e-Commerce Forum (WE), said creating a platform for millions of people is not very easy. “In this case, we want to cooperate with the entrepreneurs . . .so that the welfare of the entrepreneurs is achieved. And we want to see WE at a unique height in days to come,” Nisha addd.