‘Made in Bangladesh–ICT Industry Strategy’ on the cards


DHAKA, April 19, 2021 (BSS) – The government has formulated a draft `Made in Bangladesh – ICT Industry Strategy’ aimed at turning Bangladesh into a manufacturing hub, enhancing export of local products, attracting foreign investment and creating employment.

The draft strategy prepared by the LICT project of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under ICT Division has proposed three terms—short term from 2021 for 2023, mid-term from 2021 to 2028 and long term from 2021 to 2031 for implementation of the 65 action plans, said official sources.

It has also proposed to implement all the action plans in four specific strategic issues which are: (1) Building capacity of public and private in local level; (2) Creating awareness and branding; (3) Research and innovation and (4) Stimulus and Policy Support, the ICT official added.

“Formulating a Made in Bangladesh-ICT Industry Strategy has become inevitable to support the local industry and turn Bangladesh into a manufacturing hub of world class ICT products,” said Senior Secretary of ICT Division N M Zeaul Alam.

He said despite booming of local ICT industries and increasing export of local products there was no such strategy or policy to support the growing ICT industry.

“The ICT Division primarily formulates a strategy, but its ultimate goal is to make a policy to promote local industries for producing world class products,” the senior secretary said, adding that the strategy is being finalized with more scrutiny for sending it to the cabinet for approval soon.

According to draft strategy, ICT Division will implement most of the 65 action plans including developing 5 lakhs IT skilled manpower by 2023, establishing testing lab for ensuring quality products to merchandise in international and local market, provide policy support to local industries.

The ICT Division will also make an outline for exploring maximum benefits by utilizing Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, establishing a centre for 4IR, conducting research on priority basis on 4IR technologies including advanced materials, autonomous vehicles, synthetic biology, Augmented Reality, Robot, Blockchain, 3D printing, IoT etc. during short, mid and long term.

It said the other ministries and organisations like commerce, foreign, planning, civil aviation and tourism, Shipping, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), University Grants Commission (UGC) will also act as chief implementer of some action plans to merchandise local quality products in international markets.

IT-ITeS Policy Adviser of LICT Project Sami Ahmed who is closely involved in making the strategy said the strategy has been prepared based on the recommendations of the experts, ICT industry leaders, academics and other stakeholders.

A series of workshops were held to get recommendations with a view to making a time-befitting Made in Bangladesh-ICT Industry strategy, he added.