RMCH to re-launch Cobalt- 60 for cancer treatment

RAJSHAHI, Sept 9, 2018 (BSS)-Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) is
going to re-launch its Cobalt- 60 machine for cancer treatment within a
shortest possible time.

The machine will be used in providing radiotherapy to cancer patients. The
cancer patients have been suffering a lot since the machine became non-
functional around four years back. But, fortunately, their problems are going
to be solved soon, said the RMCH sources.

More than 6,000 old cancer patients are getting treatment in RMCH at
present. There are more 1,500 new patients. When the machine will go into
operation the patients will get treatment comparatively at a less cost.

Brig Gen Jamilur Rahman, director of RMCH, said the cobalt machine was
purchased at a cost of around Taka 10 crore and its installation work is at
the final stage. “I’m hopeful about its functioning very soon,” he asserted
while talking to BSS here today.

Then the patients can get radiotherapy services here at a cost of around
Taka 6,000 fixed by the government. He opined that cost of radiotherapy in
private hospitals is more than Taka 80,000.

Dr Asim Kumar Ghosh, head of department of oncology, said the number of
cancer patients is gradually increasing. Doctors and other supportive staff
are facing an embarrassing situation to tackle the patients.

There are 30 beds in indoor and 10 others in daycare to provide the
treatment. “We are giving chemotherapy treatment to 25 to 30 cancer patients
every day at present,” he added.

On successful commissioning of the cobalt machine, sufferings of the
patients will be reduced to a greater extent besides curtailing their

Dr Ashim said the patients’ sufferings from various types of cancers like
lings, breast, cervix, prostate and blood will get radiotherapy treatment
through the machine.