Sherif urges for developed Bangladesh through patience and sacrifice


PABNA, Aug 23, 2018 (BSS) – Land Minister Shamsur Rahman Sherif called
on all to develop a happy, prosperous Bangladesh through patience, tolerance
and sacrifice.

The minister made this call while addressing before Eid prayer in
Laxmikunda Eidgah ground at Ishwardi yesterday.

“Everyone needs to love the country and be patient. Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina loves all people equally. She wants to build a happy,
prosperous and developed Bangladesh,” he said.

He said vested quarter is creating chaos in social media by misinterpreting

He urged the people to be vigilant about this kind of misinterpreting
campaign from vested quarter.

The Land Minister sacrificed animals, distributed clothes and money among
the poor. During Eid prayer, he offered for the peace in the country and for
the Muslim ummah.